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  • Are you frustrated with on-going pain?

  • Are you tired of not being able to do what you want to because you know it will hurt?

  • Do you want to get off of pain medications?


If you said yes, then you’ll want to book your Free Freedom From Pain Breakthrough session right now!

You'll leave this 30-minute session with:

  • A personalized plan to get out of pain

  • Find the primary source of your pain problem

  • Your first dose of healing energy to get your body, mind, and spirit out of pain

About Harmonizing

Wellness Institute

Bringing All of You Into Harmony

You are not your symptoms!  Your whole body is engaged in the pain that you are experiencing.  I have the tools to help you address your pain and your body as a whole, to help you get out of the pain.  Too often we focus on developing one aspect of ourselves and forget that we are multi-dimensional beings in need of overall balance and harmony.  Harmonizing Wellness Institute provides the instruments (tools) to orchestrate your overall physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual harmony. 

Nina Elliott

Nina is committed to helping her clients get out of pain and live an active and fulfilling life.  She is dedicated to addressing pain on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions in order to resolve pain at its source.


She has helped over 300 people get out of pain.  She has taken over 600 hours of professional training.  Her specialties include: Myofascial Release, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Emotional Freedom Technique, SOS Meditation and yoga. Nina continues to learn to offer her clients the newest techniques for the best results. 


She is an award winning speaker. She has organized and facilitated life-changing, transformational retreats for many years.  


Nina offers men, women, and children who have been let down by traditional medicine hope and solutions to their pain problems. She delves into the source of their pain in order to connect them to the source of their healing.


Nina’s program teaches people with pain:

  • Tools to get out of pain

  • Strategies to tap into their inner healer

  • How to re-train their brain to eliminate the pain message

  • The mindset shift from a pain-filled life to an active, fulfilling life


Nina takes care of herself so she can care for others by playing the violin, hiking, and traveling to far off places for exciting adventures.

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