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Freedom from Pain

3-Day Retreat

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Day 1

Freedom from Pain: Creating the Life You Desire

Day 2

Have you forgotten what it is like to not have pain?  Well, today we are going to re-connect you to that feeling!  

  • Create your vision for your future living pain free.

  • Connect with others who are going through similar challenges to you

  • Learn how to get quick answers on what is right for your body and whether you should or should not do something

Freedom from Mental and Emotional Pain

If you've had persistent pain even for a day, you know it takes an emotional toll on you and your family. Today is about getting free of limiting beliefs and emotional stress!  

  • Identify the mental and emotional costs of pain in your life.

  • Learn a powerful technique to clear out those limiting beliefs and emotional stresses

  • Experience the holistic tool that started me on my pain free journey

Day 3

Freedom to Move into Action

So you've learned a lot over the last 2 days, what do you do with it?  Today, we get your gently moving in your body, we get your energy moving, and we get you a plan to move forward into action after the event!  

  • Get your body moving with Myofascial Release Harmonic Stretching and Chair Yoga. Don't worry, you only do what feels good... everyone can do it!

  • Discover Information Field therapy and how it can help you

  • Experience energy clearing and the lightness it brings to the body, mind and soul

The Venue

This event is being held at the lovely Cheyenne Canon Inn at

2030 W. Cheyenne Rd Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Enjoy this almost 100 year old mansion and it's vintage decor as you enjoy the healing journey of the weekend.  Connect with nature on breaks outside looking at Mount Muscoco and the neighboring mountains creating the Canon.

The Ballroom classroom is walled with windows so you might have deer, squirrels, rabbits, and birds looking in on you throughout your day.

Bring your own lunch (refrigerator and microwave available) or check out the local restaurants just a few minutes away on 21st or 8th Streets

Note that no accommodations are available at the Cheyenne Canon Inn.  The best hotel close to the venue is Hotel Elegante on 2886 S Circle Dr 719-576-5900

Register Now!

This event is worth over $700!  Sign up now to participate for only a $100 seat deposit--you'll get that $100 back when you register on-site the day of the event!  

Limited Time Only! You get the benefits of 3 days of valuable content for FREE!

Congratulations on taking the next step on your journey to Living Pain Free!

You'll be recieving and email with more details and an invoice for the seat deposit.



Adam T

While patience is but a virtue and may not be a physical attribute I can tie directly to a massage, it is the result of hard work on myself through mindfulness and TimeWaver sessions with Nina over the last year.

I learned that the body and mind can coexist peacefully with each other through
practice, and I believe that pateince has been among the most difficult things to master (not that I am a very patient person still, but I have come a long way).

Obsidian W

Nina is brilliant and so talented. I am so grateful to have found her and to have been touched by her healing light.

Highly recommended.

Tiffany K

Nina Elliott is AMAZING! Her knowledge and energetic alignment is spot on. She is so caring and attentive to your needs and what your body needs. I am excited to be working with her.

Nina Elliott, Your Host and Facilitator

Nina is committed to helping her clients get out of pain and live an active and fulfilling life.  She is dedicated to addressing pain on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions in order to resolve pain at its source.


She has helped over 300 people get out of pain.  She has taken over 600 hours of professional training.  Her specialties include: Myofascial Release, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Emotional Freedom Technique, SOS Meditation and Yoga. Nina continues to learn to offer her clients the newest techniques for the best results. 


She is an award winning speaker. She has organized and facilitated life-changing, transformational retreats for over 10 years.  


Nina offers men, women, and children who have been let down by traditional medicine hope and solutions to their pain problems. She delves into the source of their pain in order to connect them to the source of their healing.

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Dr. Donna René Elliott, DC

Guest Speaker

Dr. Donna René invites you to experience a better way of healthcare that honors your body’s innate wisdom to heal without the use of medications and invasive procedures.  Imagine a vibrant you, regardless of age or your child, free of labels and prescription drugs.  As the primary doctor at A Better Choice Chiropractic, she empowers you to take back your health, your life.  You can do it and she is there to partner with you.

Connection is vital for your health and overall wellbeing; connection to a higher power, the world in which you live, and yourself (body, soul and spirit). Dr. Donna René is committed to CONNECT with you by:


Compassionate, honest relationships


Over-delivering on service and experience


Natural and sustainable solutions


Navigating change well


Empowering personal responsibility 


Commitment to transparency


Togetherness in body, soul and spirit

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RHonda Grimes,

Guest Speaker

Over the past 35 years, RHonda has developed a unique skill set providing support for her clients combating chronic disease, accelerating healing and maintaining their overall wellness. 


Her passion is celebrating with her clients as they find relief from chronic pain, increased mobility, restoration after injury or surgery, increased mental and physical performance and empowerment through education. ​


RHonda is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP) and Certified Emotion Code Practitioner (CECP) . Completing extensive training in Brain Integration Therapy (BIT), Accunect, ZHealth and several other techniques have elevated my passion for balanced wholeness.

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Chavon Kirby,

Healing Support

Born & raised Colorado native with 16 years experience being an Esthetician. Working with people is Chavon's passion and assisting them in finding the bright side of themselves is the best feeling in the world.  Chavon will help you learn how to breathe, laugh and to be in the moment.

She wants everyone to know how to be creative, to be yourself and to shine bright. Working to awaken your spirit in order to live a longer and healthier lifestyle is what we will achieve together.

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Mount Muscoco