Massage for your teeth?!

Massage for Teeth?

Wow, I just read a post from a fellow Myofascial Release therapist who resolved a child’s underbite with 5-10 mins of treatment 1x per week for 6 weeks!!  This child doesn’t have to grow up with kids making fun of their underbite, they don’t have to go through traumatic surgeries or dental procedures to ‘fix’ their jaw or teeth.  With just a few minutes of generally gentle & relaxing treatment, the problem was resolved and future problems were probably avoided!

Several people have been surprised when I talk about intra-oral massage work–work inside the mouth!  But think about your mouth–you have lots of muscles forming your mouth that allow you to speak, make facial expressions, and allow you to chew.

I’ve learned techniques for inside the mouth in all of my various massage trainings–in massage school, in manual lymphatic drainage, and in myofascial release.

In massage school I learned techniques to help release the muscles that contribute to TMJ problems.  One of the biggest problem muscles for TMD (Temporo-Mandibular Joint Disorder) is not accessible from outside of the mouth (the medial pterygoid).

In manual lymphatic drainage training, I learned a technique to help drain excess fluid from the brain!  Great for those that have suffered strokes, have swelling in the brain, or had brain surgery.  It also can help with tinnitus.

In myofascial release, I learned techniques to help with a wider variety of issues.  Migraines, TMD, over/under-bites, not enough space for teeth, sinus problems, tinnitus, hearing problems, and more.

Let me ask you this… if your doctor said let me remove 2 of your skull bones, would you let them?  The most interesting realization I had in myofascial release training was about the teeth.  When you look at a picture of a skull it always includes the teeth!  While technically they are not bones, they are an integral part of your skull! They affect your bones, and your bones affect them. They belong in your head plain and simple.

Bones of the Skull

Why are we believing that we were created in a way that most of us would need to have several parts of our anatomy removed surgically?   This is a common belief now.

What if we were to to look at the cause of the problem?  The dentist thinks you need to have teeth removed because you don’t have enough space in your mouth for them.  If they remain, they will impact your bite and cause problems.  Why don’t you have enough space in your mouth?  This is the real problem.  And there is a way to solve it WITHOUT surgery for many people.  Treat the cause, not the symptom!

A view of the teeth and skull bones from the bottom up

This is what my therapist friend did for the child.  She released the fascial restrictions in the jaw, mouth, & head to allow the jaw to move back into it’s normal position and thereby correct the under-bite.

Tune in next week for more about Myofascial Release and the Mouth— Do you have a Mountain Ridge or Peak in Your Mouth?

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